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What the Heck is Wedding Management?

You just got engaged! How exciting! Now you are on to the ever fun wedding planning process and one question you may be asking yourself is “Do I need a wedding planner?”. Full-service wedding planners are great for some couples: couples that are feeling overwhelmed by the planning process, planning from a distance, those that are busy with everyday life and concerned about getting everything done. All of these couples can really benefit from having a wedding planner to help them plan their best day ever. However, not all couples need or want a full-service wedding planner. Some couples are excited about planning the entire event themselves, which is why we here at Timelapse Events off wedding management services.

I’m guessing you’re probably reading this and thinking to yourself “what the heck is wedding management?”. You have likely heard of this service referred to as “day of coordination”, but it is so much more than that! Most people think of a day of coordinator as someone that comes in on the wedding day, helps a bit, and then goes home. Think of your wedding day as a Broadway show and we are your production managers — can we just show up on the day of the show and be totally ready? Absolutely not, and we can’t do that for your wedding either! There are so many logistics that go into your wedding day: vendors, timelines, details, etc. These are all things we need to know because we can be there to handle your event and put out any fires that may arise.

So what does that mean with Timelapse Events? With our wedding management packages, we start with an initial meeting where we go over ALL of your event details. Most couples don’t plan too many weddings in their lifetime. Because of this, we want to make sure you have thought of everything, ensure that everything flows well, and of course, answer any questions that you may have. We work through all of those special details, all of those decisions you have been making for months or even years, to see YOUR big picture. We review your vendor contracts to make sure we know exactly when your vendors are coming and going, what they are bringing, and what they may need from you and confirm these details with them. We create your wedding day timeline as a master list to track all of these details and have a final meeting with you to ensure you are comfortable with the flow of the day. After all of that, we show up at your rehearsal. We meet with your bridal party. We make sure everyone is comfortable and knows where to stand and walk through the entire ceremony to ensure the wedding day goes off flawlessly. We want you to be totally comfortable before your special day so, on top of that, we are in contact with you: touching base, answering questions, and supporting you through the whole process. We do all of this and more! Did you notice that everything we mentioned there happens before the actual event date?

So now the day is here, what happens? We MANAGE everything we went over in our previous meetings. We ensure vendors are on time and we keep your event rolling smoothly by referencing your day-of timeline to make sure you get to everything that you want to get to. We hold your train while taking pictures and we set up last minute décor and light candles. We grab drinks for you and we handle hiccups that may arise throughout the day. We direct your guests to things they are looking for and we help you gather your belongings after your event. We are there for YOU to take care of the details so you can spend the day with the people that matter, your family, your friends, and the love of your life!

Now that you know exactly what event management is, how can we help you?

Written by Katie Mast


Timelapse Events

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