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Vendors and runways and goodies, oh my!: Five tips for attending a bridal show

The time from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day is often known as “engagement season”. With all of the holidays, family get-togethers, and special events, it is the perfect time to get a shiny new ring! For those of us that are lucky enough to help you with your special day, this “season” is our favorite time to connect with newly engaged couples. One of our favorite ways to do this is, of course, attend bridal shows! Bridal Shows are great for meeting with vendors, getting inspired by décor, and our favorite, winning tons of freebies! As helpful as bridal shows can be, they can also be a bit overwhelming. That is why we created a list of our favorite tips and tricks to help you out!

Number 1 - Create a new email!

You will be meeting with tons of great vendors which means you will also be signing up for a bunch of great giveaways. Most booths are going to have sign-ups that will include a request for your email. Having a “wedding email” will be a great way to organize all of those emails in one place so they don’t get lost in your day-to-day inbox.

Extra tip: The shorter the email the better, you will be writing this email out MANY, MANY times.

Number 2 - Print labels with your contact information!

Once you have your wedding email, create a label that has your name, email and phone number on it. If you have these labels with you at the show you will be able to just stick the label to all of the signups and save your hand a lot of writing!

Number 3 - Pre-register!

Many shows allow you to register online prior to the show. Registering in advance helps vendors prepare goodies and samples and can also help you save some money! Pre-registering for these events is often free. For events that do have a fee, it is usually cheaper to pre-register tan to register at the door. Early registration often has other incentives too, such as an entry into door prize drawings and giveaways.

Number 4 - Slow and steady wins the race!

There are so many booths, so many things to see, and so much information everywhere you look! It is normal to want to go through quickly, but this can also prevent you from meeting a lot of super cool vendors that have a lot of great information for you. Slow down and take a look at each booth, see what they have to offer, see if they are offering any drawings, and keep an open mind. You may be attending a show looking specifically for a DJ, but there also may be another vendor at the show that offers a service you didn’t even think about. From the brides that we speak with, those that eat before they come so they are not hungry, wear comfortable shoes, and spend time getting as much information and tips as they possibly can, walk away from the show with the best experience.

Number 5 - Bring Stickers or sticky tabs!

With all of the information that you are going to get, it is pretty normal to get information overload. This is perfectly normal, but can also make it difficult to remember which vendors you loved and wanted to follow up with for more information. Our best-loved tip is to bring stickers or sticky tabs to stick to cards and brochures of your favorite vendors so you know exactly who you wanted to follow up with. Because we <3 you, if you stop by our booth, we give you some sticky tabs for you to use!

Did these tips get you excited to attend a bridal show? Come see us on the 8th floor at Bridal Expo 2020. The show is at the Dahnke Ballroom at the University of Notre Dame, on Saturday (2/8/2020). The doors are open from 11 am to 4 pm. We hope to see you there!


Written by Katie Mast


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